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Getting a Mammography and Eating High Fiber Diet Can Help Fight Breast Cancer

Early screening can help detect and reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. New research has shown that going for mammography screening can significantly reduce the rate of advanced, fatal breast cancer.

In their findings, the research team observed that mammography screening reduces fatal breast cancer risk by 41% within 10 years of patient diagnosis and 25% reduction in advanced breast cancer rates.

Although recent breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment have improved outcomes, finding the disease early is still vital.

Researchers compared the rates of fatal breast cancer within 10 years after diagnosis for patients who had mammograms and those who didn’t. It was found that the average time of fatal breast cancer occurrence within 10 years of diagnosis was 13 years, and that of advanced disease was 22 years.

Overall, they found a 60% reduction of fatal breast cancer in 10 years of diagnosis among patients who underwent screening compared to those without testing. This goes to show that screening can reduce the risk of fatal breast cancer. Having mammography can help detect breast cancer early and save lives.

Another study highlighted the importance of consuming a high fiber diet to prevent breast cancer.

According to the team, women who consume a diet rich in fiber, including vegetables, fruits, and grains, can lower breast cancer risk. The data collected from patients who consumed fiber diet found an 8% reduction in the risk for breast cancer.

More observational studies also demonstrated that a high fiber diet was associated with a low risk of breast cancer. The results were consistent for soluble fiber and women with postmenopausal and premenopausal breast cancer.

It is crucial for women to undergo mammography screening and consume high fiber to minimize the risks of developing breast cancer. Early screening can help identify the disease while it’s treatable.

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