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Lung Cancer Patient Management during the COVID-19 Era

Patients who recently underwent surgery for cancer are not at high risk for coronavirus if they stay at home and follow safety guidelines. However, those who received chemotherapy for lung cancer are susceptible to the virus. If they need chemotherapy after surgery, their treatment should be planned carefully.

Doctors are now implementing telehealth to help minimize exposure to COVID-19. The virus spreads due to direct contact with an infected person, touching contaminated surfaces, and through droplets from coughing or sneezing.

For patients scheduled for lung cancer scans, they should ensure that scanning machines are disinfected with 70% alcohol.

Patients on targeted therapy may be able to delay their treatment after discussing it with their doctor.

Lung cancer in itself will not increase your risk for COVID-19. But any complication with the lungs, such as underlying lung disease, asthma, or history of smoking can make you susceptible to coronavirus. Inflammation in the lung or pre existing damage in the lung can pose more risk of contracting the virus.

When lung cancer patients face additional challenges, the risk of COVID-19 increases, and they’ll experience adverse symptoms and complications if they contract the virus.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that causes severe pneumonia and inflammation, and any underlying lung dysfunction will cause the worst outcomes.

Right now, relevant organizations continue to update the symptoms of COVID-19 with muscle pain, seizures, and chest pain among the new additions.

While all cancer patients are at high risk for COVID-19 infection if exposed, patients with diminished lung functions may have a worse prognosis with coronavirus.

Lung cancer patients currently undergoing treatment should observe strict quarantine measures since their immune is compromised. During this COVID-19 era, treatment decisions should be reached jointly by the patient and their doctor. Telehealth can be an option for doctor’s appointments and other hospital visits.

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