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Exercise Can Reduce Recurrence Risk for Breast Cancer and Improve Survival

A study has concluded that exercising for two and a half hours every week before and after having been diagnosed with high-risk recurrence breast cancer can lower recurrence risk and improve patient survival.

Regular exercise is recommended for health. More research is showing that exercise can minimize breast cancer recurrence when you are already diagnosed and the risk of developing the disease when you’ve never been diagnosed.

As an adult, you should do;

  • At least two and a half to five hours of moderate-intensity exercise every week. Brisk walking is the most recommended.
  • About 75 minutes to two and a half hours of high-intensity exercise per week. Running or any other high-intensity cardio is recommended.
  • Muscle-strengthening exercise for two or more days every week.

Several organizations recommend exercise for people with cancer or cancer survivors. But for this particular study, researchers wanted to investigate how exercise can affect the outcomes for breast cancer patients who are considered at high risk of the disease recurring.

The study included breast cancer women who had surgery and chemotherapy but were at high risk of recurrence. It was found that those who followed the two and a half hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week guidelines had a low risk of recurrence (55%) compared to those who ignored the guidelines. Their risk of dying from breast cancer was lower by 68%. Those who started exercising after treatment had a 46% lower risk of recurrence and a 43% lower risk of dying from the disease.

According to the findings, a few hours of consistent weekly exercise had the same survival benefits as doing exercise for long periods every week. This concludes that a modest exercise routine can help high-risk breast cancer women live longer and healthy.

For best results, you can break your exercise routine into 20-30 minute sessions by walking for 15 minutes before getting to work, 20 minutes during lunch break, and walk home from work.

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