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Prostate Seed Implants

Prostate cancer has seen enormously exciting advancements in recent years, as oncologists have developed less invasive procedures for eradicating prostate cancer cells with fewer side effects and the ability to maintain quality of life. Prostate seed implants have been at the forefront of these developments, offering prostate cancer patients hope for a more comfortable and equally effective means for treating their malignancy. With prostate seed implants, small radioactive pellets are implanted in the tumor cavity where they remain. Over time, this seeds begin to breakdown on their own and, as they disintegrate, small doses of radiation are released to the site. This natural disintegration can happen over the course of several weeks or months.

The benefits of prostate seed implants are many. For one, the procedure itself is only about an hour long and is minimally invasive. Patients are able to go home on the same day as their procedure and are typically able to return to their normal activities within just a few days.

Prostate seed implants have been shown to be extremely effective – just as effective as surgery in low-risk, early stage prostate cancer patients – and the treatment itself results in far fewer side effects and complications. Plus, while radiation is delivered to the site, no radioactive material remains in the prostate gland.

Oncologists may choose to offer their patients prostate seed implants alone or, if they are considered higher risk or the disease is in a later stage of development, other therapies such as chemotherapy and external beam radiation therapy may be suggested along with the prostate seed implants for the best success.

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