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PET/CT Scans

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Technology is everything to cancer diagnosis and care. The most successful cancer care starts with a commitment to the latest technology. At Lewisville/Flower Mound Oncology Group, as well as throughout the Choice Cancer Care group, we have made an investment in technology so that we can provide our patients with the very best care. And that includes our PET/CT equipment.

The PET/CT scan allows combining two highly sophisticated pieces of technology: the positron emission tomography (PET) and the computerized tomography (CT).

The PET technology is advanced imaging that shows any changes happening to the body on a molecular level that could mean the existence of cancer. The CT shows any structural changes happening in the body – including in the tissues and organs – that helps to identify where the cancer is located and the size of the tumor.

With this advanced technology on our side, we are able to accurately identify the size, scope, and location of cancer appropriately so we can map out the best course of treatment.

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