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Personal Care

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Personal care is what sets Lewisville/Flower Mound Oncology Group – as well as all the Choice Cancer Care facilities – apart in the field of cancer care. As a team, we go above and beyond to make sure that our patients are always comfortable, respected, and given everything they need to succeed. We have built an environment where people feel supported and where patients and their family members can access information to help in recovery.

It all begins with our on-site lab and infusion room where we can deliver the highest level of care in a convenient, comfortable location. Here, our patients can easily undergo important testing, as well as come for treatment in a room that is warm, welcoming, and all about them. No one wants to undergo cancer treatment. But if it’s something you have to do, you want to know that you will be treated kindly by people who care about your well being and comfort. That is what we offer here.

In our infusion room, patients relax in cozy recliners with blankets while our oncology nurses help to make the experience as comfortable as possible. We also offer a patient resource room where patients and their support teams can gather the information they need and want including books, movies, and CDs – all complimentary.

It is our hope that this comfortable space offers just a little place of piece for our patients and their families; a place where they can see a familiar face and feel completely supported in their journey towards healing.


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