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What to Expect from a Seed Implant: The First Twelve Months      

The temporary side effects in the first year of seed implants.         

Lewisville, Texas– July 13, 2020 –The seed implant procedure involves placing thin needles with radioactive seeds through the skin, between the scrotum and rectum into the prostate, under ultrasound guidance. It’s not completely free of side effects, whether permanent or temporary. In most cases, during this process, no cuttings or incisions are done. It takes about 45-90 minutes.

A vast majority of patients treated are do very well, and are happy with the results of their treatment. For many prostate cancer patients, seed implants are the easiest and most convenient of all treatment options. This treatment option has very little impact on the quality of life. However, like all other medical procedures, seed implants have side effects and risks.

Below are the implications of side implants after one year of the procedure

Burning sensation when urinating — It may be severe on the first day. It’s mostly attributed to the catheter and the needles inserted for one hour or so during the procedure. It usually subsides rapidly over the first week following implantation. Avoid strenuous physical activities and strictly adhere to the medication prescribed.

Urinary side effects — most patients describe three urinary related side effects: Frequent urination for about 2-3 hours day and night, urgent urination; such that when you feel the urge, you only go for a few seconds, and slower urination caused by the weak urinary system.

Swelling of the prostate — it occurs when the urine passage is temporarily blocked, hence the patient is unable to urinate.  For this reason, a urinary catheter is inserted through the penis into the bladder. It drains urine in small plastic bags strapped to the leg under your pants.

Side effects affecting bowel movements are rare. As many patients inquire about sexual activity, your doctor will examine the possibility of impotence. You may feel uninterested in sexual activity for the first few weeks or months. It’s, however, permissible after two weeks following implantation.

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