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Press Releases

  • What to Expect from a Seed Implant: The First Twelve Months      
    The temporary side effects in the first year of seed implants.          Lewisville, Texas– July 13, 2020 –The seed implant procedure involves placing thin needles with radioactive seeds through the skin, between the scrotum and rectum into the prostate, under ultrasound guidance. It’s not completely free of side effects, whether permanent or temporary. In most cases, […]
  • Choice Cancer Care explains metastatic prostate cancer in detail
    Understanding Metastatic Prostate Cancer Lewisville, TX – June 15, 2020 –Metastatic prostate cancer is an advanced form of metastatic prostate cancer that has already metastasized beyond the prostate to other parts of the body. Metastatic prostate cancer commonly spreads to the bones and nearby lymph nodes.The disease is fuelled by the high production of testosterone […]
  • Dr. Swapna Goday Explains The Various Types Of Hereditary Cancer Syndrome
    Types of Hereditary Cancer Syndromes Lewisville, TX – May 2, 2020 – Cancer is very common, and many families have members who have had the disease at some point. Certain types of cancer can be found in families because the family members share certain exposures or behaviors that increase their cancer risk. Other factors, such […]
  • Dr. Swapna Goday Explains The Various Stages Of Prostate Cancer
    Understanding the Various Stages of Prostate Cancer Lewisville, TX – April 15, 2020 –Prostate cancer, just like other cancers, progresses through various stages or phases. It is vital that patients get to know what each stage of prostate cancer entails so they can understand better their prognosis and treatment options. The stages of prostate cancer […]
  • Dr. Swapna Goday explains the various alternatives (adjuncts) to mammography
    Lewisville, TX – Mar 14, 2020 –Mammograms help to screen and diagnose breast cancer. They use x-ray imaging to look for any abnormalities in the breast cells. Mammograms can detect early-stage breast cancers that haven’t presented symptoms. There are two types of mammography – conventional and digital mammography. Digital mammograms are more advanced compared to […]

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