Dr. Neeraja Dasari, M.D.

“Providing patients with the very best care has always been at the core of my career. And working with Choice Cancer Care has been incredible in this regard. The goal of our team is to harness the power of the newest technology available in cancer care. With access to the most advanced treatments and a team of medical professionals behind them, our patients know without a doubt that they are supported every step of the way.”~ Dr. Neeraja Dasari

A board-certified radiation oncologist, Dr. Neeraja Dasari earned her medical degree and completed her internship at Gandhi Medical College in India before moving to New York City where she completed her radiation oncology residency at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.

Following her residency, Dr. Dasari began her practice in New York City and spent many years also doing clinical research. She moved to the Dallas area in 2002 with her family where she has continued with her passion for research and providing cancer patients with excellent care.

The core of Dr. Dasari’s practice is rooted in her interest in biology and physics; an interest that inspired her to pursue radiation oncology early in her education. Today, Dr. Dasari continues to bring new research to her patients, providing them with access to the newest advancements in cancer care. Through the Choice Cancer Care facilities, Dr. Dasari sees patients who have been diagnosed with a variety of cancers and she specializes in head, neck, and breast cancer.

Dr. Dasari, her husband, and their two sons enjoy traveling together around the country – and the world. At home, the Dasari family share a passion for rooting on the Indian national cricket team, and a love for sports in general.

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