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Tips for Eating Right During Chemo

Keeping your appetite up during chemotherapy might be easier said than done. Even so, it’s very important to try and maintain energy and health while undergoing potentially life-saving treatments. There are some tips that can help make the process of eating right even during the most grueling chemo sessions easier. Here are just a few:

• Keep flavor in mind – Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on the taste buds. Fortunately, that side effect will pass once treatments are over. While they’re ongoing, however, it’s important to make sure food tastes as pleasant as possible. Consider trying adding flavors to water to combat metallic tastes. If certain foods become unbearable during treatment, look for alternatives. As long as your doctor has said you can eat something, it’s OK to experiment for foods that taste acceptable or even appetizing during therapy.

• Keep constipation at bay – This is a common side effect for some. To avoid it, be sure to increase fiber and work plenty of liquids into the daily routine. It can also be quite helpful to exercise a bit to keep everything moving as it should.

• Go with low fat foods – Some people find they actually gain weight during chemo. Low-fat foods coupled with any form of exercise can make a big difference on this front.

• Keep mouth sores in mind – One of the unfortunate side effects of chemo is the development of mouth sores for some people. To promote healing, be sure to avoid very hot or spicy foods, as well as alcohol. Drinking lots of water and rinsing the mouth with salt and water can also help.

• Think mini – Big meals can be difficult to handle during chemo. Consider smaller meals instead. This can help with nausea while also assisting those who are battling chemo-related weight gain.

• Stave off nausea – There are little tricks that can help with this. They include eating cool foods instead of warm, sipping ginger or peppermint tea, and avoiding greasy foods. Chewing on crystallized ginger can also help.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet during chemo treatments can be important for maintaining overall health. Be sure to ask your doctor for nutrition advice and to steer clear of foods that are not recommended during the treatment process.

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