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Texas Comes in Second-Lowest for Risk of Skin Cancer

In an earlier report, Texas was ranked as second lowest in skin cancer risk in the United States. This may sound unbelievable considering Texan year-round warm weather and the blazing hot sun on most days. The ranking for this report was based on sunburn rates, supply and quality of dermatologists, and racial compositions.

Mostly similar to data from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the data showed that Northern states had among the highest rates led by Idaho and Vermont and Southern states had the lowest.

While seemingly contradictory, skin cancer experts say it is plausible because people in cooler climates are not keen on taking precautions against exposure to the sun. People from these high-risk areas may travel in search of warmth but remain under-prepared for the warmer climate and stronger sun.

Important facts about skin cancer and sun exposure include:

  • Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, continues to ravage the American population, with figures doubling over the past 30 years. Over exposure to the sun leading to sunburn contributes to this figure yet a large number of Americans do not put on sunscreen whenever they are outdoors. The risk for skin answer falls on everyone regardless of where they live.
  • It is important to schedule regular visits with a dermatologist to conduct skin checks. This will catch any changes in good time before they can cause any damage. It becomes easier to treat skin cancer if caught in its early stages.
  • Protection is always better and this comes easy with sun safety practices. These include putting on and reapplying sunscreen, reducing the time spent in the sun especially when the sun is at its hottest in the afternoon, being careful to cover exposed skin with some clothing and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. It is also best to avoid tanning beds.

General comfort in the sun goes hand in hand with safety. Sticking to good practices reduces your chances of developing any complications later on.

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