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Sleep Problems Common in Cancer Patients

Cancer is a very difficult diagnosis to receive. It can be even harder facing down the treatment road ahead. Considering the gravity of this diagnosis, it probably isn’t surprising that sleep problems are very common among cancer patients. Just because they’re common, however, doesn’t mean they’re normal. These issues are also not good for cancer patients to face since they can interfere with treatments and healing.

Sleeping problems are associated with a number of different aspects of the cancer-fighting journey. They are common after diagnosis and they tend to also present right before treatments. These problems can wear cancer patients down and interfere with the recovery process and daily functioning, as well.

Hoping to better understand the sleep problems cancer patients face, researchers recently conducted a study. The study looked at more than 100 people with cancer in an effort to gain insights on the types of sleep disruptions cancer patients report. Patients in the study reported issues with insomnia and hypersominia both. Increased insomnia was reported in patients who had more severe cases of cancer. Hypersomina seems to have a connection with previous chemotherapy treatments, researchers noted.

While much work remains to understand sleep disorders in cancer patients, the study’s authors concluded issues do seem to plague the majority of cancer patients. With that in mind, additional research is hoped to enable clinicians to better assist their patients through this troubling aspect of the cancer experience.

People who are diagnosed with cancer should speak with their healthcare providers about any and all side effects that present. Sleep problems are highly common, but they can take their toll while impeding the treatment and recovery process. Doctors may be able to offer assistance if they are made away of concerns related to sleeping. Solid, quality sleep is essential under ordinary circumstances, it is even more so when the body is weakened by cancer treatments.

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