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Robotic Prostate Surgery is the Ideal Prostate Cancer Treatment in Texas with no Harmful Side Effects

Robotic prostate surgery is a procedure that surgically removes the whole prostate gland. The procedure uses robotic techniques that include key-hole incisions that are used to insert lighted viewing equipment to examine and remove the prostate. It is a new and less-invasive procedure that allows the surgeon to visualize anatomical structures clearly to carry out a more precise surgery. Robotic surgery uses a 3D high definition visual system together with special wristed instruments. It enables the doctor to perform surgery with enhanced dexterity, control, vision and precision.

Here are some of the benefits of robotic surgery:

  • It’s a more precise, accurate and fast procedure for removing a patient’s cancerous prostate.
  • It is non-invasive, and therefore the patient can restore their erectile (sexual) function within a year of the check-up.
  • It offers better chances of regaining urinary continence. Studies have shown that potent patients undergoing robotic surgery return their erectile function fast compared to those on open surgery.
  • Because of the few key-hole incisions, there’s minimal blood loss, less pain, less need for a blood transfusion, lower risk of complications and wound infection. Patients don’t have to stay as long in the hospital after surgery, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be readmitted or will require a follow-up surgery. They’ll also need a catheter for fewer days and have a low risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. The recovery time after robotic surgery is concise, the patient resumes normal activities almost immediately.

The robotic prostate surgery is ideal for performing complex surgeries. An expert surgeon controls the system 100% with hand movements guiding the movements of the tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. The surgery has recorded much success in all the patients involved. This 3D high precision procedure is transforming the surgical experience for many patients across the world.

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