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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Texas

A positive diagnosis of prostate cancer is enough to make most men take pause. The discovery, however, is likely to lead to a whole host of treatment options depending on the stage of the disease, a man’s age and the nature of the tumor itself. Many men will, in fact, find that prostate cancer treatment in Texas offers then a great deal of latitude.

Depending on the particulars of a case, men will find prostate cancer treatment in Texas can take on such forms as:

• Surgery – A radical prostatectomy may be recommended on its own or in conjunction with other forms of treatment. This involves the removal of the disease prostate gland to treat cancer.
• Radiation – Radiotherapy is often used as a treatment option on its own or in conjunction with other measures. This form of treatment is designed to eradicate cancer cells through irradiation. It is deemed highly effective in many stages of prostate cancer.
• Brachytherapy – Also known as seed implants, this form of therapy involves the implantation of tiny radioactive pellets into the tumor itself. It works in a highly targeted fashion to irradiate cancer cells while sparing nearby healthy tissue. This form of treatment is often quite viable in lower risk and moderate risk cases.
• Hormone therapy – By starving cancer cells of their fuel source, this treatment works to slow growth. It is not, however, considered curative like other options. It may, however, extend life and quality of life for a time. It can also be useful when applied in conjunction with other forms of treatment.
• Active surveillance – For men whose cancer is deemed low-risk and low-grade, this “treatment” offers a viable way to avoid potential side effects associated with surgery and radiation. Since prostate cancer is generally rather slow growing, this might be an option that is advised.

Men who are diagnosed will find prostate cancer treatment in Texas can take on many forms. To find out about the options in greater depth and which one might apply to a personal case, speak with a healthcare provider.

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