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Prostate Cancer Treatment: Lewisville Men May Have Options

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer may find more treatment options available to them than they realize. Breakthroughs and studies have paved the way for prostate cancer treatment in Lewisville and elsewhere to involve a patient-specific approach.

Specific recommendations made to a man following a positive diagnosis of prostate cancer will vary based on several factors. Doctors, for example, will consider the stage of the disease, the man’s age, overall health and the likely aggressiveness of the tumor before making a treatment recommendation. Depending on those factors, choices men may have for prostate cancer treatment include:

  • Surgery – The radical prostatectomy is one of the most common prostate cancer treatments. This procedure involves the complete removal of the diseased gland to help address cancer at its source. Although highly effective in many cases, this option may produce side effects, such as impotence.
  • Radiation – External beam radiation is commonly used on its own or in conjunction with surgery to treat prostate cancer. This involves the use of highly targeted radiation beams to essentially irradiate and eradicate prostate cancer cells. This treatment may cause damage to nearby healthy tissues and is associated with some side effects.
  • Brachytherapy – Also known as prostate seed therapy, this treatment is often used in lower risk cases. It involves the implantation of tiny radioactive pellets directly into the disease prostate. The course of treatment has the same intent as radiation, but is considered even more targeted. Its side effect risks tend to be lower as a result of the enhanced targeting, but are similar to external beam radiation.
  • Active surveillance – If prostate cancer is deemed low risk and caught in its earlier phases, this option may be viable. Active surveillance calls for no immediate intervention, but aggressive monitoring instead. Intervention is offered if the cancer begins to grow or poses a greater risk than initially thought.

Prostate cancer treatment, Lewisville men will find, does not involve a singular course of action. Thanks to numerous advances, men may have choices. Men diagnosed with this disease are asked to carefully review all treatment options with their healthcare providers.  

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