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Who are the Prostate Cancer Specialists?

Prostate cancer can be extremely aggressive or relatively harmless. Some prostate cancers grow slowly and cause few clinical symptoms, while others are aggressive and spread rapidly to the lymph nodes, bones, and other organs. Screening tests can confirm the suspicion of the existence of prostate cancer.

Positive results of prostate cancer from PSA blood tests or DRE are confirmed by biopsy. Several biopsies of the prostate gland will determine if the patient has BPH, cancer or any other medical condition. The treatment of prostate cancer may require several medical specialists depending on each patient’s case.

The patient may need to see the following doctors:

  • Urologist – A urologist is a specialist trained to treat health conditions that affect the urinary tract (ureters, urethra, bladder, kidneys), and the male reproductive system disorders. We also have urologic oncologists who are surgeons specialized in treating cancer of the male reproductive organs and the urinary tract.
  • Radiation oncologist – A radiation oncologist is specialized in using radiation therapy to treat cancer. The radiation oncologist develops a radiation treatment plan for their patients, monitors patients as they receive radiation therapy and treats the side effects of the radiation when needed.
  • Medical oncologist – The medical oncologist is a specialist in the treatment of cancer using medical therapies like hormone therapy and chemotherapy. They also handle general medical conditions that may arise during the disease..

When undergoing cancer care, one needs all the medical specialists they can get. Cancer care not only requires physical care, but the patient’s overall well-being also is of importance, and that includes emotional, physical, mental and nutritional care. That is why aside from the specialists highlighted above, more specialists such as oncology nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists or counselors are needed in the course of treatment to restore complete health to every patient.


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