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Extended ADT Can Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is a scary proposition for any man. Some 220,000 American males, however, will hear that news this year alone. Helping those men successfully battle the disease is the concern of doctors and researchers across the country. For those who have been diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer, an extra layer of treatment may provide the needed boost.

According to the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group’s phase III trial, longer exposure to androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) after radiotherapy can improve outcomes for patients rather dramatically. The extended therapy has shown itself beneficial for improving disease-free survival rates, preventing local progression and holding back distant metastases, researchers found.

The trial results speak for themselves, researchers say. At a median follow-up of 20 years, researchers found disease-free survival rates of 16 percent in a group of patients given extended ADT treatments for at least two years following radiotherapy. Men who received shorter term ADT had a disease-free survival rate of about 10 percent. In regard to local progression, the rate was 13 percent for the extended therapy group and 23 percent for men who only underwent short-term ADT. Distant metastases came in at 17 percent for the longer term group and 26 percent in the short-term treatment group.

The findings indicate the potential benefits longer periods of ADT may provide. Following other interventions, such as radiotherapy, the use of ADT may dramatically improve chances for disease-free survival in men diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer. Regardless of treatment length, however, ADT has a positive impact on outcomes.
Men who are concerned about prostate cancer are urged to discuss early screening with their healthcare providers. Early detection and treatment of this disease can improve outcomes greatly. The best course of action if a positive diagnosis is discovered will depend on the unique case.

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