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Eating for Cancer

A healthy diet is, without question, one of the contributing factors to our overall health. Conversely, a poor diet can contribute to a variety of conditions that can erode our physical state and even put us in the position of being at risk for developing some cancers. This is serious business and should be kept in front of mind on a daily basis as we plan our meals and shop for food. Cancer is a complex disease that causes those it impacts to feel very out of control. One of the ways to get in control and stay there is by eating for overall health – putting things in the body that will add to, rather than detract from, your physical strength and will support the body in the many natural functions it performs for you on a daily basis.

So how can you eat in a way that supports your body and helps you to fight against disease including cancer?

• Increase fruits and vegetables. Including those with antioxidants. Green, leafy vegetables are your best friend and you should incorporate them into as many meals as possible – salads, steamed vegetables, veggies and brown rice – there are a variety of ways to use them. With fruits, include berries and melons. Try a different fruit and vegetable every week and make it a game to incorporate it into a new recipe. Your goal should be to make your plate look as colorful as possible.

• Eat lean proteins. Including turkey, chicken, and fish high in Omega 3s like salmon. Limit eating red meat.

 Avoid fried foods. Yes, they are delicious but there’s nothing good that fried foods can do for our bodies. Every now and then is okay but nothing more than that.

 Use low-fat dairy. Limit your servings of dairy and when you do eat it, make sure it’s low fat – including milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.

 Eat whole grains. Toss that white bread out the window and break out the whole grains. These are excellent sources of fiber without all the sugar.

• Avoid processed foods at all costs. Processed foods have salt, preservatives, and a variety of chemicals that have been found to cause obesity and disease. Eat whole foods and always eat organic when you can.

A healthy eating plan along with a schedule of routine exercise will go a long way towards keeping your body healthy and ready for anything.

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