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Cancer Treatment; What’s the Plan?

Going into a battle against cancer can be the fight of your life. Armed with a supportive team of people around you, doctors who are experts in their field, and the most positive outlook you can manage, you begin the journey that will hopefully bring you back to a cancer-free life of good health.

Just as with anything else, a successful outcome for cancer treatment relies on a firm plan that has everyone on the same page and a very specific direction in which to proceed. If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and you’ve found the appropriate cancer treatment team to help you in this battle, it’s important to establish that you have such a plan in place. Work with your doctors and treatment team to determine that everything is in place to put you on the road to good health.

  • What is your official diagnosis? Every cancer is different and there are important nuances of each. It’s important to establish a relationship with a doctor and treatment team that understands and has extensive experience treating your very specific type of cancer.
  • What is your prognosis? This can be a scary question to ask but it’s important to know this information so you can proceed accordingly. Your doctors will tell you what stage your cancer is in and how treatment can determine your prognosis.
  • What treatments are available to you? Every cancer responds differently to treatment and different treatment options are continually becoming available. Work with your medical team to establish what treatments are available to you and how they can affect your ability to get well.

With a plan in place you can begin the journey to becoming cancer-free. So work with your doctors until you feel comfortable with the options available to you.

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