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Utilizing Full-Service Cancer Care in Facilities in North Texas

The different approaches to cancer treatment are ever evolving, and so are cancer care facilities. Thoughtful diagnostic, staging and treatment solutions can now be found under one roof. The trend in consolidation is shaping the landscape of cancer care and making it easy for patients across the globe to access full-service cancer care.

Cancer care today is transformed by economic and medical trends including an increase in the availability of targeted therapies, comparative effectiveness of research, accountable care organizations, personalization of cancer care and much more. The positive outcomes of the changes in cancer care are higher survival rates, technological advancements, increased clinical trials, and changes in practice models. These changes have seen different cancer care centers expanding their resources to accommodate and care for more patients more compassionately.

Because of this:

  • There have been advances in cancer risk assessment, disease detection, prevention, development of drugs and delivery of compassionate care which has led to reduced rates of mortality and incidence for most of the common cancers.
  • More patients have been able to survive their cancers because of the high-quality care at these centers.
  • The prevention efforts by initiating tobacco cessation awareness, infection control, and screening practice modifications have contributed to decline in cancer mortalities and incidences.
  • The advances in cancer detection and treatment have seen more patients surviving cancer. Patients now have access to more treatment options and breakthrough therapies that have seen substantial improvements in outcomes.
  • Molecular diagnostic testing has necessitated the matching of therapies to patients with their specific tumor characteristics. It has helped patients to avoid ineffective treatments too.

Full-service cancer centers in Texas have state-of-the-art equipment, expert physicians, and educational material as well as a comfortable environment that provides all-round cancer care to their patients. They have different treatment options which can be tailored to individual patient needs. The patients’ hospital stay has been reduced due to the use of sophisticated equipment which work faster in both diagnosis and treatment of various cancers.



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