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Scientists Find New Cancer-Causing Components in the Colon

A new study published in the journal Nature Chemistry by Kevin J McDonnell from Norris cancer center in North Carolina found out that some elements that interfere with our chromosomes ability to restore itself predispose people to cancer. The researchers studied and identified the DNA processes ‘DNA Charge Transport” were: John Kirkwood and Arthur Reyes, a professor from California Institute of technology.

Functions of the DNA charge process

  • DNA charge transport effectively travels long molecular distances through DNA Helix as they keep up a detailed to base pair pile.
  • The DNA CT reports on the principle of the DNA duplex which may be exploited to develop electrochemical devices to discover DNA injuries and their essential binding proteins.
  • DNA repairs protein to scan the genome to localize efficiently to damaged sites.

How genetic variant in colon cancer disrupts DNA charge process

Studies have revealed the hereditary component causes cancer by changing the DNA charge process. McDaniel and his partners’ focused on a mutation gene called MUTYH which provides the following

  • Instructions for making a DNA repair protein- The researchers’ found out that MUTYH mutation called 360w affects MUTYHs ability to retain and store a tiny cluster of iron and Sulphur atoms inside the protein.
  • Genetic alterations which affect DNAs ability to repair its errors
  • MUTYH mutations cause polyps in the colon that later causes cancer

Electrochemical experiments showed that C306w mutation builds an iron-Sulphur cluster degrade which comes to contact with oxygen. Iron –Sulphur cluster repairs the DNA. Degradation interferes with MUTYH from fixing the DNA

Iron-sulfur clusters are crucial for DNA repair due to their electron needed by the protein to depend on DNAs double helix and check for damage. Researchers detected mutation (C30W) to a DNA repair protein linked to cancer. MUTYH prevents electrons transport through DNA. McDonnell and colleagues recorded and supported an explanation for a novel structure mechanism of colonic polyposis and cancer predisposition caused by electrochemical compromise linked to MUTYH.


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