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Breast Cancer Treatment at a Lewisville Center

After your successful breast cancer treatment at your cancer center in Lewisville, Texas you might experience drastic change and side effects of the treatment. Radiation and Chemotherapy not only eradicate the breast cancer cells but also attacks your healthy cells.

Various therapies and medications that will help provide ease and lessen the side effects of the treatment. You might notice the following signs that will be the side effects of tour breast cancer treatment.

Loss of Appetite

Radiation and Chemotherapy can easily take your appetite away. The breast cancer treatment strips away the nourishment and nutrition you badly need. In order to maintain your diet, you could try to take small meals in place of three large ones. You could turn your breakfast into a nutritional shake that might make it easier for you to get your intake of nutrition. If your doctor recommends, try to get some exercise that will help build up your appetite.

Vomiting and Nausea

Another common side effect that most cancer patients have to experience after their treatment is vomiting or nausea. Doctors can prescribe certain medications that might help you to feel better.  Your doctor might ask you to keep a close eye when you’re queasy and nauseated. This way, your doctor can determine a pattern that will keep you ahead of the situation.

Other recommendations your doctor might recommend could be

  • Eat small meals,
  • Avoid citrus and greasy foods,
  • The foods should be of room temperature and not too cold or hot,
  • Try to eat bland foods when you’re nauseated

If you feel that you have been vomiting quite often or are frequently feeling nauseated, call your doctor and have yourself checked.

Fatigue and Weakness

The breast cancer treatment can take a toll on one’s body. The treatments often make one feel tired or weak. Not only do you have to deal with the pain, but you also start feeling bouts of despair and depression.

It is important that you get adequate amounts of sleep and rest. Try to get around 8 hours of sleep at night. Go out for short walks that will help you feel better and active. Eat as much of iron-rich foods such as vegetables, lean meat, beans and fruits that you can manage to devour.

If there are insufficient red blood cells and your body is having trouble producing the adequate amount, your doctor may recommend treatments such as darbepoetin or erythropoietin that will invigorate the bone marrow to produce the required red blood cells in your body.

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