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The Best Cancer Doctor for YOU

Those looking for appropriate cancer care can easily find they are inundated with choices. There are many amazing doctors who have devoted their professional lives to treating cancer. But that doesn’t mean that every doctor is a good fit for every cancer patient. This is a professional – and medical – relationship to be sure. But it is also a very personal relationship. This is a person with whom you will be spending a great deal of time and in whom you have entrusted your health and even your life. It is important that there is a comfortable and mutually respectful personal connection. So how do you find the best cancer doctor for you?

Create a short list. Of course you’ll need to first narrow down a list of doctors that meet your medical and logistical needs. That means finding doctors – preferably close to where you live – that specialize in your type of cancer, who have excellent reputations, experience, and superb standing within the medical community.

Interview. Once you have your list narrowed down to those doctors who meet your medical criteria, take the time to go and speak with each. Ultimately, it may come down to how comfortable you feel with each of them. This is a relationship like any other and your personalities must align.

Determine what’s important for you. This is your journey and every person’s experience with cancer treatment is different. The style of care that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Do you need someone who spends a lot of time with you answering questions? Do you prefer someone who has a softer bed side manner or someone who is more cut to the chase? Your style must ultimately dictate the doctor you choose.

Certainly no one wants to be in a position to be searching for a cancer doctor. But unfortunately there are circumstances in our life where we have to be an advocate for ourselves whether we want to or not. Taking the time to find the best fit for your cancer care is well worth the time and effort and will ultimately make this a much more successful relationship with a mutual focus on your health.

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