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Advanced Cancer Treatment in Texas

It can be seen in the recent years that there have been significant advancements in cancer treatments, especially in the state of Texas, USA.

Cancer is one of the most complex diseases found still today. The treatments for cancer can vary from chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery along with the required support and care. Your Texas doctor and oncologist understand that the treatment of cancer can be quite emotional and challenging to handle.

Advanced Cancer Treatment in Texas

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy works by counteracting those exact proteins which are helping the tumors to develop and disperse in the body. This treatment helps in preventing the cancerous cells to mature and spread.

How Does This Treatment Work Against Cancer

  • Boosting the Immune System:

Targeted therapy works against cancer in many ways.  It helps in building the immune system to be strong enough to destroy the cancer cells. One of the reasons why cancerous cells can thrive and flourish is because they tend to camouflage and conceal from the body’s immune system. Certain targeted therapies place a mark on the cancerous cells so that the immune system can easily identify and kill them. There are other kinds of targeted therapies that are aimed towards boosting the immune system to fight and combat better against the cancer cells.

  • Ceasing the Cancerous Cells From Developing:

The healthy and good cells in our body are continuously dividing to create new healthy cells. The cancer cell’s surface contains certain proteins that helps it to divide and grow without any interferences from the immune system. Targeted therapies help in creating interference and stopping the cancer cells from dividing.

Hormone Therapy

Specifically used for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer, hormone therapy treatment helps in decreasing and stunting the growth of the cancer cells.

How Does This Treatment Work Against Cancer

Especially for those men that have prostate cancer and are not advised for radiation therapy or surgery as their treatment, hormone therapy is recommended for them. This therapy helps to slow down the growth of the cancer cells.

Stem Cell Transplant

This treatment helps in restoring the healthy cells that had been damaged due to the high dosage of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The healthy cells are blood-forming stem cells that are a part of our immune system and support our bodies to battle any disease or infection.


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