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Archives: August 2020

  • Prostate Brachytherapy Is Offered At Lewisville Flower Mound Oncology

    August 26, 2020
    Lewisville, TX – Aug 25, 2020 – Lewisville Flower Mound Oncology offers permanent seed prostate brachytherapy to treat patients with prostate cancer. Permanent seed brachytherapy is administered over a few months to the tumor location in patients with early-stage disease that hasn't spread beyond the prostate. Lewisville Flower Mound Oncology follows all the procedures necessary, including planning and treatment, to...read more
  • The Colon Parts Mostly Affected by Cancer

    Adenocarcinomas of the rectum and colon consist of 95 percent of the entire cases involving colorectal cancer. In the digestive tract, the colon and rectal adenocarcinomas form in the cells found in the colon’s inner lining. Adenocarcinomas of the rectum and colon often start as polyp (a growth tissue). An adenoma, a particular type of polyp, may grow into cancer....read more
  • You Can Still Maintain a Healthy Weight during Cancer Treatment

    When undergoing cancer treatment, you may encounter side effects, such as a suppressed diet, weight loss, nausea, diarrhea, mouth sores, taste changes, and vomiting. Cancer affects the metabolism in the patient’s body too. In a bid to fight off cancer, the body may use excessive energy, which may require the patient to take in more calories for maintaining a healthy...read more
  • Four Types of Vaccines for Cancer Prevention

    Vaccination has been a way of life for years, protecting us from fatal diseases like measles and mumps. While there’s no combined vaccine for all types of cancer, vaccines now exist for certain cancer types. Here are the four known types of vaccines to help prevent certain cancer types: Sipuleucel-T It is an immunotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. The vaccine was...read more

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