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Archives: July 2020

  • What to Expect from a Seed Implant: The First Twelve Months      

    July 13, 2020
    The temporary side effects in the first year of seed implants.          Lewisville, Texas– July 13, 2020 –The seed implant procedure involves placing thin needles with radioactive seeds through the skin, between the scrotum and rectum into the prostate, under ultrasound guidance. It’s not completely free of side effects, whether permanent or temporary. In most cases, during this process, no...read more
  • Colon Cancer Symptoms Young Adults Should Never Ignore

    New research has observed that colon cancer is often diagnosed late in younger adults who are not aware they can develop the disease. In an online survey launched on social media, 63% of the respondents were not aware that people younger than 50 could get colorectal cancer. That's why most of them had to wait for more than three months...read more
  • A Promising New Drug for Lung Cancer

    Scientists have tested and verified a new drug that can help treat early-stage lung cancer. The FDA-approved drug known as Osimertinib was tested on non-small cell lung cancer patients, and about 90% of them survived after two years of treatment without any recurrence. Non-small cell lung cancer is most common in women and people who don’t smoke. According to the study,...read more
  • Exercise Can Reduce Recurrence Risk for Breast Cancer and Improve Survival

    A study has concluded that exercising for two and a half hours every week before and after having been diagnosed with high-risk recurrence breast cancer can lower recurrence risk and improve patient survival. Regular exercise is recommended for health. More research is showing that exercise can minimize breast cancer recurrence when you are already diagnosed and the risk of developing...read more

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