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Archives: March 2019

  • There is a Lump in Your Breast: What Next?

    March 24, 2019
    Finding a lump in the breast can leave you utterly scared and thinking of breast cancer. Some go a step further and imagine what they would like if they had to lose a breast and whether they would be comfortable getting implants. It can be a scary downward spiral. Breast lumps are quite normal and common especially in women who have not yet hit menopause....read more
  • Texas Comes in Second-Lowest for Risk of Skin Cancer

    March 13, 2019
    In an earlier report, Texas was ranked as second lowest in skin cancer risk in the United States. This may sound unbelievable considering Texan year-round warm weather and the blazing hot sun on most days. The ranking for this report was based on sunburn rates, supply and quality of dermatologists, and racial compositions. Mostly similar to data from the Federal Centers for Disease Control and...read more

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