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Archives: October 2016

  • More Women Choosing Preventative Mastectomies

    October 24, 2016
    For the estimated 246,000 American women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the potential need for a mastectomy or double mastectomy can be very frightening. This aggressive treatment measure is body altering in a permanent way and can leave women feeling low in the self-esteem department. Even so, this surgical procedure can and does save lives when it is...read more
  • Coping with Lack of Appetite in Cancer Care

    October 16, 2016
    Anyone who has ever undergone cancer treatment understands that loss of appetite simply goes along with the disease. Anorexia and cachexia are common side effects in two particular cases: during active treatment and end-stage cancer. While thousands of cancer patients will not face the latter, almost all do endure the former. Helping family members cope with these common symptoms...read more

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