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Archives: February 2016

  • Benign Breast Disease May Signal Increased Risk For Cancer

    February 25, 2016
    Finding out that a breast abnormality is nothing to worry about, caused by a benign disease, is great news. That news, however, should be followed up with a little extra care in regard to the potential for breast cancer down the road. That’s the recommendation issued by researchers at the Division of Cancer Biology at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. There...read more
  • Extended ADT Can Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes

    February 13, 2016
    A diagnosis of prostate cancer is a scary proposition for any man. Some 220,000 American males, however, will hear that news this year alone. Helping those men successfully battle the disease is the concern of doctors and researchers across the country. For those who have been diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer, an extra layer of treatment may provide...read more

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