Archives: April 2015

  • Does Delaying Radiation After Prostatectomy Reduce Side Effects?

    April 30, 2015
    Conventional wisdom in the medical community has long held that waiting to begin radiation therapy following a prostatectomy can prevent some of the potential adverse side effects of this cancer-killing treatment. Studies out of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, however, indicate that just might not be the case. The studies focused on answering the question once and more
  • Helping Your Loved One Face Cancer

    April 13, 2015
    Finding out that someone you love has cancer can be worse than hearing the diagnosis yourself. After all, while you won’t be waging the battle at the very front of the line, you will have to put a brave face on and provide strength and support when it’s needed the most. Chances are you’ll be doing so while more

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